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By Tish Cohen

Jack Madigan is, by means of many bills, blessed. He can nonetheless without problems flip an attractive head. and because of his mythical rock superstar father, he lives an enviable life in a once-glorious, now-crumbling Boston city condominium together with his teenage son, Harlan. yet there's one tiny trouble: Jack is an agoraphobe. so long as his dad's admittedly dwindling royalties hold rolling in, Jack's is not an issue. yet then the money runs out . . . and all hell breaks free. The financial institution is foreclosing. Jack's ex is threatening to take Harlan to California. And Lucinda, the little lady round the corner, will not remain out of his kitchen . . . or his lifestyles. to save lots of his sanity, Jack's course is obvious, albeit impossible—he needs to outwit the bank's adorably decided actual property agent, win again his condominium, continue his son at domestic, and, eventually, with Lucinda's aid, have the option again to the realm open air his door.

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Town House: A Novel (P.S.)

Jack Madigan is, via many bills, blessed. He can nonetheless easily flip a gorgeous head. and due to his mythical rock superstar father, he lives an enviable life in a once-glorious, now-crumbling Boston city condominium together with his teenage son, Harlan. yet there's one tiny quandary: Jack is an agoraphobe.

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Worse than he could ever remember. For the first time, he thought, they just might kill him. By the time Penelope reached him, he could barely breathe. He was dying. This was what dying felt like. It was heat, claustrophobia, dizziness, and terror all mixed together; wrapping itself around you until you were mummified, and then you imploded. He could never remember clearly what happened next. He remembered leaning against a sale table until Penelope led him out, but other THE MOST TERRIBLE INCONVENIENCE OF ALL 29 than that, the only thing he knew for sure was that he had been about to die.

She helped him lie down on the gritty, wooden floor. ” She patted his shins and stood up again. ” He stared up at the chandelier directly above his head and tried to calm his nerves. ” “No. ” “Dave told me all about your . . ” Jack said nothing, just focused, really, on staying alive. Discussing his “situation” right now was only going to lead him toward the white light. “These forced sales are never easy. Or so I hear. ” Comforting. Maybe the padded walls of his cell in the asylum could be lined with his cash.

Then the spinning hit him like a ten-foot wave. He staggered sideways, and suddenly all thoughts of chocolate bars vanished. All that mattered now was getting up those steps and back inside. ” Jack shook his head, aimed his body toward his front door, and propelled himself to safety. He wasn’t ready to play outside like the other little girls, not yet. • • • 26 TOWN HOUSE A h a l f h o u r later, having decided that doorbells that ring unexpectedly should, henceforth, never be answered, Jack followed the soft-rock beat of some flowery band from the ’70s up to Harlan’s room.

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