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Complying with the policies and allied funding agreement terms may add to the complexity and accountability of the work of volunteers at all levels within the sport system. Such compliance requirements may lead to a reduction in individual VSO autonomy (Houlihan, 1997) and constrain the operational flexibility of VSOs and their volunteers. Government policy requirements at the state/provincial and local level can also force change within sport organizations. These changes can be a source of tension as governments seek to support the voluntary sport sector but in so doing seek the assistance of VSOs in delivering government policy objectives related to sport.

As alluded to in the discussion on career volunteers, many sport volunteers undergo training and develop significant levels of knowledge and skills, often quite specific to a particular sport. Sometimes they become long-term volunteers, measured by years of involvement, and therefore important to the stability and continuity of VSOs as other volunteers and members come and go. Short-term sport volunteers are willing to help with one-off tasks on an as needed basis but are not willing or able, for whatever reason, to commit to longer-term roles or positions within VSOs.

All sports provide a structured training and accreditation scheme for officials to ensure high standards of officiating occur at local, state/provincial, national or international levels. In some cases governments seek to coordinate such efforts across sporting codes. In Australia the National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS) was established in 1994, and aims to develop and implement programmes that improve the quality, quantity, leadership and status of sports officiating in Australia (ASC, 2005a).

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