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By Vlad Pirogov

This ebook describes how software program code research instruments corresponding to IDA professional are used to disassemble courses written in high-level languages and realize varied components of disassembled code as a way to debug functions in much less time. additionally defined are the fundamentals of meeting language programming (MASM) and the approach and structure of instructions for the Intel microprocessor. points of disassembling, reading, and debugging software program code are thought of intimately, and an outline of latest disassemblers and debuggers used while reading executable code is supplied. the fundamentals of operating with those instruments and their working rules also are incorporated, and emphasis is put on examining software program code and picking the most constitution of these languages within which they have been written.

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DialogBoxParam(hInstance, "DIALOG", NULL, (DLGPROC)DWndProc, 0); // Close the application. 13) In contrast to normal windows, modal dialogs are characterized by the following features: 52 Chapter 1: Introduction to Disassembling Chapter 1: Introduction to Disassembling 53 • Modal dialogs are created on the basis of a template stored in program resources or created in the memory. 13, the modal dialog is created on the basis of the template stored in the resources file. • Modal dialogs are created using the DialogBoxParam function.

PUNPCKHDQ Interleave the high-order double word of the source operand and the high-order double mm, mm/m64 word of the destination operand and write them to the destination operand. PUNPCKLBW Unpack the low-order bytes of the source operands and interleave them with the low-order mm, mm/m64 bytes of the destination operand. PUNPCKLWD Unpack the low-order words of the source operand and interleave them with the low-order mm, mm/m64 words of the destination operand. PUNPCKLDQ Unpack the low-order double words of the source operand and interleave them with the mm, mm/m64 low-order double words of the destination operand.

The program will redirect all of its output to the existing console, despite the presence of the AllocConsole() function. 4 is based on API functions. Even the lstrlen function used for obtaining the string length is actually an API function. 5). text:0040106D _main pop xor pop retn endp 43 esi eax, eax ebx Even at the first glance of an inexperienced user, it becomes immediately clear that the IDA Pro disassembler has solved the problem of disassembling executable code excellently. Nevertheless, in this chapter I am not going to describe disassembled listings; the next and further chapters will concentrate on this problem.

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