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56) . 57) determine the spectra of the Alfven-wave branch and of ion cyclotron oscillations in nonisothermal plasma. of electromagnetic waves, which for ω > ω Thus, the Alfven branch transform into fast ion acoustic oscil­ lations (discussed in ref. 9 ω 0 « ηω . LOW FREQUENCY LONGITUDINAL ELECTRON - ION PLASMA OSCILLATIONS IN A MAGNETIC FIELD Besides the ion cyclotron oscillations in plasma in a magnetic field which we have already considered, there also exist other branches of low-frequency oscil­ lation: oscillations of a cold plasma with characteristic frequencies of the order of the lower hybrid resonance and ion cyclotron frequencies, plus two ion acoustic oscillation branches [191].

4l]). 23 24 CYCLOTRON WAVES IN PLASMA Fig. 6 Dependence of the frequencies of extraordin­ ary ion cyclotron waves of high harmonic number (51st and 101st harmonics) on the wave vector. Curves 1 and 2 correspond respectively to $. 1 and 1. 9 r 4 6 10 frequency of this branch is close to ω — kvA ) not only when kp. is not too close to η ω Fig. 1, in the region of small kp. values. as can be seen from Fig. 6, for kp. 1 < 1 but also for kp± B. 1, the difference ay =n+ l \—y monic number, approaching some constant value value $±= 1» tne difference ing some constant value y ~ 3 and even m .

It was shown in ref. [180] that the high thermal conductivity of the solar wind is due to various types of wave instability and, in particular, to elec­ trostatic ion cyclotron wave instability (see also refs. [101] and [105]). Note that slow ion cyclotron waves are important in the study of the upper layers of the LINEAR THEORY OF CYCLOTRON WAVES IN PLASMA 27 ionosphere and in the magnetosphere [99, 100, 104, 109, 168,170] , and in thermonu­ clear experiments [181-190]. It was shown in refs. [49] and [50] that it is possible separately to identify the almost purely electrostatic cyclotron oscillations investigated in refs.

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