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By Stanley Monkhouse

This clincally orientated survey of cranial nerve anatomy and serve as provides the most anatomical good points of every nerve, via scientific features and information of medical trying out. uncomplicated line diagrams accompany the text.

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Some sections of the text are in note form. Within the text, important points are in bold print. 1 Think about it If you were designing from scratch the cutaneous innervation of the head and neck, it might strike you as logical to get down on all fours like a quadruped and tilt your head back so that your face was the most anterior part of you. In this position it makes sense that the dorsal aspect of the neck and head should be supplied by dorsal rami of spinal nerves, and the ventral aspect of the neck and head (under the chin) by ventral rami.

Upper motor neurons: cortex to nucleus For cranial nerves, cell bodies of upper motor neurons are in the head and neck area of the motor cortex. Axons descend, decussating just before synapsing with cell bodies of lower motor neurons which make up the motor nucleus of that cranial nerve. g. ) that connect with the lower motor neurons in the cranial nerve nucleus, thus influencing their activity. Lower motor neurons: nucleus to muscle Cell bodies of lower motor neurons form the brain stem nucleus.

3 Additional component in cranial nerves: for branchial arches In the head and neck there is an additional group of muscles which are striated and are under voluntary control, but are classed 18 Organization of the cranial nerves as visceral because they develop in association with the cranial end of the gut tube. These are derivatives of the branchial or pharyngeal arches. Branchial arch muscles are concerned only with the cephalic end of the gut tube and have no equivalents below the neck; they are innervated by branchiomotor fibres, found only in cranial nerves, which originate from branchiomotor nuclei in the brain stem.

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