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By Jochen Legewie, Hendrik Meyer-Ohle (eds.)

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East Asian economies now face the serious challenge of reviving the lost momentum of economic development. The crisis has produced new and more productive opportunities for MNCs to utilize their technical, managerial and financial resources and thus contribute to the reconstruction of the East Asian economies. They will play a unique and important role in the interactive process of changes in the institutional framework of the economy (structural reform) and Toru Yanagihara 37 behavioural patterns (structural adaptation) in this epoch-making period of post-crisis transformation.

8(2), pp. 149-80. Birkinshaw, J. and N. Hood (1998a) 'Multinational Subsidiary Evolution: Capability and Charter Changes in Foreign-Owned Subsidiary Companies', Academy of Management Journal vol. 23(4), pp. 773-95. Birkinshaw, J. and N. Hood (eds) (1998b) Multinational Corporate Evolution and Subsidiaiy Development. London: Macmillan. Blank, S. and'S. Krajewski with H. S. Yu (1995) 'US Firms and North America: Redefining Structure and Strategy1, North American Outlook, vol. 5(2). Brewer, T. L. and S.

In particular, local industry in the host economy can benefit not only from the direct transfer of product and process technologies and managerial and marketing skills from the parent headquarters to the local subsidiary operations, but also from various indirect processes that induce technological development such as spillovers between suppliers and buyers, imitative responses of local competitors, and collaboration with the host country's public research institutions. We briefly review these various processes below.

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