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By Timothy Sandefur

Ten years after the very best Court's notorious eminent area decision, Kelo v. New London, Timothy and Christina Sandefur's Cornerstone of Liberty surveys the panorama of estate rights within the usa, from redevelopment initiatives that grab people's houses and companies for the good thing about politically-connected builders, to environmental laws that forbid humans from construction houses on land they supposedly personal, to asset-forfeiture legislation that permit the police grab estate thinking about a criminal offense no matter if the landlord isn't accused of any wrongdoing.  This moment variation has been virtually thoroughly rewritten, incorporating info discovered merely after Kelo was made up our minds, in addition to an research of the post-Kelo reform efforts, and newer ideal court docket judgements similar to the Sackett and Koontz cases.  The Sandefurs combine real-life tales with the philosophical and criminal historical past of non-public estate rights to teach why the proper to possession is among the such a lot crucial of human rights. The Sandefurs additionally supply useful ideas for higher keeping homeowners.

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Pollution is an ‘‘externality’’ because a person can pollute a river and not 34 Why Property Rights Are Important have to suffer the consequences. Property rights, however, help to ‘‘internalize’’ externalities, by requiring people to pay for any damage they inflict on another’s property. Where property rights are weakly enforced, or where there is no clear owner who can prevent damage to a piece of property, people can get away with polluting, because the victims are not in a position to demand compensation.

84 But in 1985 the city council created a redevelopment agency with the idea of redesigning the city’s downtown. Even though there was no evidence that the Pappases’ property was blighted in any way, the city adopted a redevelopment plan that involved the condemnation of several Las Vegas properties, including the Pappases’. The next year, when the Pappases and other landowners became concerned that the plan might involve eminent domain, the city held a public hearing—a hearing that a judge later described as a sham.

By contrast, people will tend to grow resentful when they are forced to give up their earnings to others—as Frederick Douglass discovered—for forced ‘‘charity’’ tends to breed bitterness rather than good will. Moreover, when people are forced to be charitable, they can hardly be praised for their generosity. It is only when people freely decide to give that we feel gratitude or admiration for them. By rewarding people for their hard work, private property rights create incentives for people to exchange those rights in productive pursuits that ultimately benefit society in general.

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