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By Neale Donald Walsch

Resuming the discussion the place booklet 1 left off, Conversations with God, booklet 2 strikes from own concerns to extra worldwide and political issues. incorporated are questions on the character of time and house and human sexuality, in addition to geophysical and geopolitical issues of globally implication.

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I’m speaking here in generalities. I’m speaking of how things have been until now. I’m speaking in the broadest terms. But if you look at life, if you admit to yourself what you are seeing, have seen, if you acknowledge what is so, you may find truth in this generality. Yet that makes me feel sad. That makes me feel as though women are somehow superior beings. That they have more of the “right stuff” than men. Part of the glorious rhythm of life is the yin and the yang. One Aspect of “Being” is not “more perfect” or “better” than another.

Quite an interesting concept. How did anyone get you to believe that? They told us the story of Adam and Eve. They told us in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade catechism that, well, we may not have sinned, and certainly babies haven’t—but Adam and Eve did— and we are their descendants and have thus inherited their guilt, as well as their sinful natures. You see, Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit—partook of the knowledge of Good and Evil—and thus sentenced all of their heirs and descendants to separation from God at birth.

33 So you go to hell. Well, you go to Purgatory if you die with that sin on your soul. That’s why it’s good to go to Confession. Really, as often as you can. Some people go every week. Some people every day. That way they can wipe the slate clean—keep it clean so if they should happen to die . . Wow—talk about living in constant fear. Yes, you see, that’s the purpose of religion—to put the fear of God into us. Then we do right and resist temptation. Uh-huh. But now, what if you do commit a “sin” between confessions, and then get into an accident or something, and die?

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