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By Elphis Christopher (auth.), Heather Montford MB, BS, DRCOG, Ruth L. Skrine MB, ChB, MRCGP (eds.)

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She felt bereft, she had lost something ill understood but immensely important to her. After discussion she stopped taking the Pill, and returned to her normal self. The Pill is a very powerful contraceptive; taken correctly the chances of pregnancy are small. This is a great benefit to women, but it is also a double-edged sword. The desire to become pregnant is not always an entirely intellectual and rational emotion, and many women enjoy the element of risk inherent in other, less safe methods.

Had happily used the cap, until she became pregnant while doing so. Following the birth, she had an intrauterine device (IUD) inserted. All was well, until she found herself pregnant again. This new baby, although 28 The method and its meaning deeply loved, increased the financial anxiety of the household, and she and her husband decided that only the Pill offered them the protection from pregnancy they needed at the moment. ' At first the doctor had several good ideas: something to do with coping with the two small babies perhaps, financial worries or problems with the husband?

At the next visit Miss R. had stopped taking the Pill and then started it again, and had many complaints about feeling weak and tired, and having vague aches and pains. Again, she was not examined. During the next year she saw many different members of the clinic staff with complaints about sore breasts, fear of infection, pain in her leg (which could have been a deep vein thrombosis), and continuing anxieties about her parents finding out she was on the Pill, and about her marriage prospects. Finally, one day Dr A.

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