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By Sanford Levinson

This e-book examines the "constitutional faith" that has, considering that 1788, been a significant portion of American "civil religion." by way of taking heavily the parallel among wholehearted reputation of the structure and spiritual religion, Sanford Levinson opens up a bunch of fascinating questions on what it capacity to be American. whereas a few view the structure because the imperative part of an American faith that serves to unite the social order, Levinson continues that its sacred function may end up in clash, fragmentation, or even battle. To Levinson, the Constitution's worth lies within the realm of the discourse it sustains: a uniquely American kind of political rhetoric that permits voters to grapple with each vital public factor imaginable.

In a brand new afterword, Levinson seems on the deepening of constitutional worship and attributes the present common frustrations with the govt. to the static nature of the structure.

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Criminal courts are empowered to order the convicted criminal to pay small amounts of compensation. Victims of violent crime can claim compensation, financed by taxation, from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. Those who flout an injunction granted by a civil court may be jailed for contempt. Also, many incidents give rise to both civil and criminal proceedings. For example, a company fails to provide protection for employees working with asbestos. It is prosecuted, convicted and fined in the criminal court for breach of regulations made under the Health and Safety at Work Act, a criminal statute.

A Communication from the Commission entitled Adapting to change in work and society: a new Community strategy on health and safety at work 2002±2006 attaches particular importance to the prevention of occupational diseases. Member States are encouraged to set national targets. The importance of statistics was reflected in research done by the European Agency which led to a report in 2000 providing a comprehensive overview of the occupational health and safety situation in the European Union. The accession of ten new Member States, many with industries which have lacked investment resources for 50 years or more, will no doubt significantly alter the profile of the average European enterprise.

England and Wales have the same law, but Scotland has a separate legal system and different procedures. As a general rule, Acts of the Westminster Parliament relating to health and safety, employment law and equal opportunities apply throughout Great Britain (which includes Scotland but excludes Northern Ireland). Northern Ireland is at present governed directly from Westminster. Legislation is usually extended to the Province by statutory instrument. Scotland and Wales now have devolved administrations and the Scottish Parliament has power to make law in a number of important fields, including health and education.

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