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By Tim Hayward

Should still the elemental correct to an enough surroundings be supplied within the structure of any sleek democratic country? Drawing on precedents from all over the world, this ebook offers the 1st politically-focused research of this pivotal factor. Hayward compellingly demonstrates how the best is either precious and potent, conducive to democracy, and serves the reason for foreign environmental justice.

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Hence, a further point to note is that whereas a purely moral case for the genuineness of a particular human right would either succeed or fail (once a moral framework for its evaluation is established), an empirical case admits of qualified and partial answers, since the institutionalization of rights can assume many forms. ’ (C. Miller 1998: 4). The answer I am proposing is that it is meaningful from the start of the process alluded to—and even, of course, before that, when the right exists as a purely moral idea—but the point is that the meaning changes in the course of the process.

A survey of around fifty examples of an expressly formulated substantive constitutional environmental right shows that by far the commonest formulation is a right to a clean or healthy environment (Anton 1998). g. g. g. g. Pennsylvania, Massachusetts). When examining the general case for a fundamental human environmental right, though, there is good reason to focus on the more prevalent formulation, the model for which is provided in the Brundtland definition of a right to an environment adequate for health and well-being.

This is the estimate of Dinah Shelton (2000: 22). The exact number is somewhat difficult to determine, partly for the reason—discussed below in the text—that the language, positioning, and framing of constitutional provisions can sometimes leave uncertainty as to their intended status or force; also, at any given time there are always some constitutions which are undergoing amendment. It is clear, though, that the number has been steadily increasing over the past fifteen years. For an extensive, if not quite exhaustive or completely up to date, list quoting the relevant portions of the constitutions see Anton (1998).

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