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By Kurt Burch, Robert Allen Denemark

Overseas political economic climate is either a self-discipline and a suite of world practices and prerequisites. This quantity explores how the 2 are comparable, illustrating the altering personality of the worldwide political economic climate, in addition to altering views on that personality.

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I note for the reader that I have been a participant in these struggles. I make no claims to neutrality. I was active in the Fair Trade Coalition of Central New York, which vigorously opposed NAFTA. My sympathies lie with progressive (as opposed to Americanist) critics of corporate-dominated globalization. 4. By this, I do not mean to say that anticommunist ideology no longer has any significance, but that its significance has changed. In the postwar decades, anticommunism served as a unifying ideology that brought together disparate social forcessuch as formerly insurrectionary industrial unions and formerly isolationist conservativesin the project of reconstructing a liberal capitalist world (see Rupert, 1995a: chaps.

Bennett (1995:413-428) and Diamond (1995:228-256). 13. org/. html 14. My colleague Michael Barkun is one of the leading students of Christian Identity theology and the racist right (see Barkun, 1994). He believes that the conspiratorial far-right comprises no more than 200,000 people. However, Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates estimates that the so-called Patriot movementbroadly understood as persons or groups under the influence of conspiratorial ideologiesmay embrace as many as five million people (Berlet, 1995).

He argues that global processes may have eroded the Cold War system, and he mourns its absence. " Sovereignty and state power continue to be "pervasive in world politics" (Gray, 1996:248). Power relations among states result in power systems that are, for realists, relatively stable and therefore 38 39 relatively peaceful. The task of identifying ''good/us'' and "bad/other" states becomes fairly easy. During most of the twentieth century, the important "others" were those who attempted to challenge the stability of an international system of state-based power relationships.

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