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For a thoughtless person it is easy t o express his opinion and compare two people, but a thoughtful person first thinks whether he has arrived to8 that stage where he can compare two such personalities. either^ the belief of the No doubt a question of belief is different. Muslim cang be the same belief aslo of the Jewish people, nor1' the Christian belief can1' be the same as that of the Buddhists. However, the wise12 understands all beliefs, for he is one with them all. And the question i f a person was esteemed13 t o be his14 complete personality may be answered:15 there is no person who is not destined to be the purpose something.

Frontierv omitted battle in life55 is different, of a peculiar character, and no person in the world i s free from this56 battle. Only one i s more prepared for it, the other perhapss7 is ignorant of the law of warfare. 58 Bhagavad ~ i t a Song , ~ ~Celestial, from the beginning t o the end is a teaching on the law of life's warfare. The other outlook 600f Krishna on life60 i s that every soul i s striving in^,^' t o attain God; but God, not as a Judge or a soul seeks God, the God of love, in the form it as a Beloved.

Piety without thisz1 thought is of little significance. The soul manifests in this world in order that it may experience the different phases of the22 manifestation and yet may not lose i t s way and be lost, but may attain'23 i t s original freedom in addition t o the experience and knowledge it has gained in this world. The different exercises that the Sufis and Yogis do in order to enable the mind and body t o experience life more fully, exercises such as fasting, poseIz4 posture, movement, all these things help to train the body that it may become a fitting vehicle for the experience of life.

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