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By Sharon Sorenson

This advisor is for breast melanoma sufferers, their spouses and youngsters, and their households, co-workers, and buddies. the writer hopes to respond to the sensible, way of life questions that each breast melanoma sufferer or friend has. The e-book offers info, options, counsel, and proposal for every thing from that first biopsy to the five-year check-up.

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Sometimes those who listen to the doc’s advice and go with it wonder later if they did the right thing. In this age of information, you owe it to yourself to dig up the details. You have one shot at this, and you don’t want any regrets. The best news is that you don’t have to dig very far, and you start here. In this chapter, we’ll tune in to what the doctor’s words mean, how to find more information about your diagnosis and options, what to read—and what to skip—and how to learn from the sisterhood.

In either case, the core biopsy gives the pathologist actual tissue, not just a few cells as with an aspiration. Sure, you get a local anesthetic, but the process is very exacting, takes an hour or more, and is generally uncomfortable. Helping Hand Always ask questions! While your doctor will recommend the kind of biopsy you should have, don’t hold back the questions. Make sure you understand why you’re having a biopsy and why your doctor recommends the kind he does. 9 Part 1 ➤ The Big Shock: First Events The stereotactic biopsy requires you to lie on your stomach with your breast hanging through a hole in the table.

She’s 64. If you’re new to the club, know that we would like to be with you right now to dry your tears and give you hugs. Having been in your shoes, we know that no one other than another survivor can understand what you’re going through. Hundreds of thousands of women have been through this. You can do it! Just keep reminding yourself that whatever battles you must go through to conquer this disease—the surgery, the treatments—it’s all temporary. It’s. All. Temporary. Life goes on. You’ll come out the other side a different person, but life goes on.

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