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Competitive Cycling bargains a panoramic perception into the fundamentals of educating in addition to options and strategies of biking. The e-book makes a speciality of subject matters equivalent to anatomy and body structure of the bicycle owner, food, medication, psychology, and methods and strategies. tips and recommendations during the e-book make sure that it remains clos to the perform of biking.

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Sports science has traditionally identified three main types of strength, along with many subforms: a. Maximal strength b. Speed strength c. Strength endurance Maximal strength refers to the strength an athlete can exert voluntarily during maximum muscular contraction. Speed strength is the athlete’s ability to overcome resistance with fast muscle contraction speed and is highly influenced by the level of maximum strength. According to recent studies, maximal strength plays a much more important role than had previously been thought as the foundation of all other types of strength, even for road cycling.

Once a high training level has been achieved, improvements in performance level become smaller until eventually there is a constant performance level plateau. This is why very fit cyclists need very high training volumes and sophisticated training plans to maintain or, if possible, improve their performance level, as constantly increasing training loads alone is not sufficient to be able to perform at elite level. 2. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­42 Training Fig. 2: The principle of supercompensation Describing training Training intensity Means the extent of the workload from a loading stimulus or training session.

A premature spurt in sprint disciplines on the track are also classified as short-term endurance. , in 1,000-m time trials), values that would immediately put a road cyclist into a coma. About 60% of the energy is supplied anaerobically. The following prerequisites are important for short-term endurance: • • • • 2 High speed and strength levels Anaerobic capacity Coordination High acid tolerance (tolerance of strong muscle hyperacidity) Medium-term endurance (2-10 min) Medium-term endurance covers individual and team pursuit races on the track in all age groups (2,000-4,000 m) and short road time trials (individual and team).

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