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By William A. Weber, Ronald C. Wittmann

This advisor, meant either for the scholar and scientist, bargains a whole, authoritative connection with the crops of Colorado. It discusses plant geography, specific botanical positive aspects of the mountain levels, basins and plains, and clarify easy terminology. attention-grabbing anecdotes and introductions are given for every plant family members, and tricks on recognising the biggest households are supplied to boot. every one quantity encompasses a whole thesaurus, indices to universal and particular names, and 1000s of illustrations. This and its better half quantity, were considered as the main entire publications on hand and are necessary to readers drawn to Colorado's vegetation.

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Portulaca, in Portulacaceae, PURSLANE FAMILY 4b. Not prostrate, succulent herbs; otherwise not as above (5) 5a. [4] 2 or more styles present. Saxifragaceae, SAXIFRAGE FAMILY 5b. Only 1 style present (stigmas may be lobed) (6) 6a. [5] Foliage sand-papery, with minutely barbed hairs. Loasaceae, LOASA FAMILY 6b. Plants lacking barbed hairs (7) 7a. [6] Stamens 2, 4, or 8; petals 2 or 4; style 1, locules usually 4 (2 in Circaea). Onagraceae, EVENING-PRIMROSE FAMILY 7b. Stamens 5, rarely 4; petals usually 5; styles 2 or more; locules 2-6 (8) Page 13 8a.

Angiosperms, Flowering Plants (3) 3a. Parasitic or saprophytic, often highly colored but not green (mistletoe, in this category, has some chlorophyll but is yellowish and epiphytic) Key A 3b. Not parasitic, or at least having green leaves (4) 4a. Stems thick and succulent, spiny; true leaves absent or greatly reduced and early deciduous. Cactaceae, CACTUS FAMILY 4b. Not as above (5) 5a. Leaves all basal, with circular blades covered with stalked glistening red glands; flowers in a raceme. Droseraceae, SUNDEW FAMILY 5b.

Brassicaceae/Cruciferae, MUSTARD FAMILY 33b. Flower parts in 5s or numerous (34) 34a. [33] Leaves trifoliolate, acrid tasting. Oxalidaceae, WOOD SORREL FAMILY Page 15 34b. Leaves not trifoliolate nor acrid tasting (35) 35a. [34] Stamens united in a column around the styles. Malvaceae, MALLOW FAMILY 35b. Stamens not united in a column around the styles (36) 36a. [35] Leaves linear or oblong, succulent. Crassulaecae, STONECROP FAMILY 36b. Leaves not as above (37) 37a. [36] Stamens numerous (38) 37b.

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