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By Omer Engin

​This ebook explains truly the character of colon polyps and their courting with colorectal melanoma, that's one of the 3 most typical cancers in either women and men. updated info is supplied on anatomy, pathology, kinds of polyp and their therapy, and the functionality of colonoscopy. specific awareness is dedicated to the danger components for improvement of colorectal melanoma, with targeted information on its prevention and early analysis and remedy. whereas the e-book is essentially meant for scientific experts and scholars, a planned and constant attempt has been made to exploit simple language that would let different individuals, together with sufferers, to appreciate all elements of the topic.

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In: Crapo JD, Glassroth J, Karlinsky J, King TE, editors. Baum’s textbook of pulmonary diseases. 7th ed. Philadelphia, USA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2004. p. 113–32. 13. Henzler D, Dembinski R, Kuhlen R, Rossaint R. Anesthetic considerations in patients with chronic pulmonary diseases. Minerva Anestesiol. Philedelphia USA. 2004;70(5):279–84. 5 Colonoscopy Omer Engin, Mebrure Evnur Uyar, Oguzhan Sunamak, and Fuat Ipekci Colonoscopy is the process of investigating the entire lumen of the large intestine, from the rectum to the cecum, for diagnosis and treatment.

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