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Shadows of War: A Social History of Silence in the Twentieth Century

Silence lies among forgetting and remembering. This ebook explores how diverse societies have built silences to allow women and men to outlive and make feel of the catastrophic effects of armed clash. utilizing a number of disciplinary ways, it examines the silences that experience violence in twentieth-century Europe, the center East, and Africa.

Northanger Abbey (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jane Austen)

One of many first of Jane Austen's novels to be written, and one of many final to be released, Northanger Abbey is either an a laugh tale of the way a naive lady enters society and wins the love of a witty younger clergyman, and a high-spirited parody of the lurid Gothic novels that have been well known in the course of Austen's formative years.

Town House: A Novel (P.S.)

Jack Madigan is, by way of many bills, blessed. He can nonetheless easily flip a stunning head. and due to his mythical rock famous person father, he lives an enviable life in a once-glorious, now-crumbling Boston city condominium along with his teenage son, Harlan. yet there's one tiny obstacle: Jack is an agoraphobe.

Lambda-matrices and vibrating systems

Features aspects and options of difficulties of linear vibrating structures with a finite variety of levels of freedom. starts off with improvement of useful instruments in matrix conception, through numerical strategies for proper matrix formulations and correct concept of differential equations. minimal of mathematical abstraction; assumes a familiarity with matrix thought, easy calculus.

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Palm Sunday points us away from Uriah Heap’s cloying, manipulative self-description as ‘’umble’ and towards the passionate humility of true Christian discipleship and prophecy. This sort of humility is assertive and bold. It is energizing and empowering. It is all of a piece with the courage and vulnerability that is revealed on the donkey, in the Temple and ultimately on the cross. Its concern is not to be modest but to be honest, not to be diffident but to be fully present, not to present the self but to put the self on the line for the kingdom of God.

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But John 12 offers an interesting parallel which I want to suggest that we read as a preparation for it. Jesus was a guest at the house of Mary, Martha and Lazarus when a meal was held in his honour. While Martha served and Lazarus shared in the meal, Mary did something profoundly memorable. 3). Is it reasonable to suggest that Jesus’ humility was evident as much in Chapter 12 as in Chapter 13? That there was just as much humility involved in being anointed as in washing others? The anointing was a reference to his forthcoming death.

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