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By Tadeusz M. Peryt (auth.), Dr. Tadeusz M. Peryt (eds.)

Coated grains have continuously attracted consciousness, before everything of naturalists, and later of geologists, and the curiosity in those unusual our bodies was once re­ lated either to their fascinating shape and their importance in facies inter­ pretation and sedimentology and to their relevance to accumulations of hydrocarbons and different mineral deposits. This ended in various guides in this topic, and the goal of this quantity is to sum­ marize the current country of information on lined grains. the belief of the publication used to be to unite a few common papers with papers reporting case reports of either contemporary and historic lined grains. The association of the ebook follows this goal. The papers provided during this quantity were invited by way of the editor; the subject matter of the publication advantages a number of phrases of non-public background. the advance of stories of lined grains over the last twenty years has not just led to an exceptional bring up in wisdom of modern and historical environments of lined grain formation, but additionally a variety of very important and arguable questions of class, environmental importance, mineralogical composition and so on. of historical lined grains have arisen. to reply to those questions, in 1978 i began the research of many historical and up to date occurrences of lined grains on the Institut fUr Geologie, Ruhr-UniversiUH Bochum, following the invitation of Hans Fiichtbauer and subsidized through the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung.

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The thermocline is located during the summer months between 20 and 35 m depth, depending on the stability of weather conditions. 40 L. 3 Sedimentation Process Based on in situ observation of the nature of sediment grains, their distribution in different seasons and by the effects of single high-energy events, the following mechanisms of sedimentation condition the deposits off Punta-Galera: The input of terrestrial sediment into the system is very small and gets insignificant below 25 m depth where the production of skeletons, their coating by incrusting organisms or their breakdown by boring organisms determines the size of the coarser fraction.

The negative 013C values occur only in samples showing petrographical evidence for recrystallization. The sample with the most depleted 013C value is a totally recrystallized sample. This type of study indicates that two types of isotopic exchange occur in carbonate rocks. In the first of these no petrographical evidence is seen under light microscope, but the mineralogical change from unstable phases to the stable phase may be reflected. Under this condition the 180/ 160 ratio changes dramatically from its original value.

2 Fig. 3 Fig. I summer LEG'EIV/): IJ\l ~ F,;;ql 01 sed/mento/iOll p"ermol7en! fey POIOt'S I N I D 42 L. Hottinger the distribution of "coralligenous" incrustations on Posidonia "roots" or in caves which may occur in much shallower but shaded environments, well above the thermocline. Rhodoid formation is therefore dependent on light quantities and qualities rather than on temperature. In the depth zone between 30 and 60 m, rhodoids are not found on hard substrates nor where sediments are deposited locally in a significant way.

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