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By Steven C. Specter, Richard L. Hodinka, Danny L. Wiedbrauk, Stephen A. Young

A complete and up-to-date quantity for the scientific virologist.

  • Details laboratory systems for detecting and dealing with viruses, from specimen standards and caliber coverage to virus detection and id, from the basics in the course of the most modern molecular methods.
  • Presents the most up-tp-date wisdom at the wide variety of particular viral pathogens.
  • Includes info on companies supplied via federal and kingdom public healthiness virology laboratories.
  • Provides crucial info for clinicians and laboratory virologists.

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1985). CMV viremia has been presumed to be associated with peripheral blood leukocytes, especially in the early posttransplantation period of solid organ and bone marrow patients; however, anticoagulated whole blood could provide a blend of plasma or blood 27 cells tested alone. Alternatively, whole-blood (anticoagulated) specimens are predictably toxic to cell cultures. , 2006). In addition, the shell vial assay is impractical for adaptation for use as a quantitative assay. The antigenemia test, in which the 65-kDa lower matrix protein of CMV could be detected in polymorphonuclear cells in blood specimens, provided the first diagnostic laboratory method for quantitation of viremia due to this virus infection.

Aspirates and washings, however, require suction equipment, which may have limited availability in some settings. Another study found similar results using an immunofluorescence assay. , 2005). The study was based on 88 paired samples, with the paired specimens taken one from each nostril of the same child. Interestingly, the study also measured discomfort of the child, finding that the aspirate scored a 6 on an 8-point pain scale, and the swab scored a 5. On the basis of the children’s distress, the parents preferred the swab (70%) to the aspirate (15%).

E. Mangold, L. F. Peruski, D. M. Watts, K. R. Porter, G. R. Murphy, W. Suharyono, C. C. King, C. G. Hayes, and J. J. Temenak. 2001. Development and evaluation of serotype- and groupspecific fluorogenic reverse transcriptase PCR (TaqMan) assays for dengue virus. J. Clin. Microbiol. 39:4119–4124. Allain, J. P. 2000. Genomic screening for blood-borne viruses in transfusion settings. Clin. Lab. Haematol. 22:1–10. Carrigan, D. R. 1997. Adenovirus infections in immunocompromised patients. Am. J. Med. 102:71–74.

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