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By Karen L. Anglin

I exploit this e-book to educate arithmetic vocabulary in my pre-algebra and algebra periods. It is going way past the textbook addition, subtraction, and so on. phrases. It discusses turn-around phrases, comma placement, parentheses, and so forth. nice origin for notice difficulties.

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Note: If the expression had included a comma between “three” and PLUS, the expression would have translated to (3 – 14) + x. Chapter Checkout Q&A Translate the following into algebraic expressions. 1. Nineteen minus six increased by two 2. The sum of fourteen and a number, subtracted from five 3. The difference of five and a number, subtracted from four Chapter 2: Inserting Parentheses 27 4. The product of five and the sum of a number and five 5. Subtract three from the sum of a number and four 6.

Three times the sum of a number and four 13. Nine added to a number minus five Answers: 1. 19 – 6 + 2 2. 5 – (14 + x) 3. 4 – (5 – x) 4. 5(x + 5) 5. (x + 4) – 3 6. (2x) + (x – 4) 7. 8 ÷ (x + 4) 8. 1 + (56 ÷ 8) 9. (x + 5) – x 10. 2(x ÷ 8) 11. 10 – (3 + 4) 12. 3(x + 4) 13. (x – 5) + 9 Chapter 3 SIMPLIFYING EXPRESSIONS Chapter Check-In ❑ Distributive property of multiplication over addition ❑ Combining like terms ❑ Distributing a negative number hapters 1 and 2 explain how to translate expressions.

The difference between four and (twice a number) d. Translate each underlined expression and replace AND with a minus sign. The first underlined expression translates to [4 – (2x)]. Note: Brackets are used when parentheses are nested inside parentheses. e. ” the sum of five and the number f. Circle the leading keyword and indicate the AND that it defines. the sum of five and the number g. Translate each underlined expression and replace AND with a plus sign. The second underlined expression translates (5 + x).

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