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Instruction manual of Pesticide Toxicology, quantity three: periods of insecticides specializes in the houses, toxicity, periods, and reactions of insecticides. the choice first deals info on carbamate pesticides, nitro compounds and similar phenolic insecticides, and artificial natural rodenticides. Discussions specialize in miscellaneous artificial natural rodenticides, fluoroacetic acid and its derivatives, mononitrophenols, dinitrophenols, category of carbamates, and toxicology of anticholinesterase carbamates. The publication then examines herbicides and fungicides and similar compounds. themes comprise nitrogen heterocyclic fungicides now not in a different way categorised, hydrazines, hydrozones, and diazo fungicides, anilino and nitrobenzenoid fungicides, antibiotics and botanicals, natural phosphorus herbicides, carbamate herbicides, and herbicidal oils and easy aliphatics. The ebook elaborates on miscellaneous insecticides, together with repellents, artificial molluscicides, inhibitors of chitin synthesis, chemosterilants, and artificial acaricides. the choice is a precious resource of knowledge for researchers drawn to pesticide toxicology.

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Exposure of rats to carbofuran in the diet at 100 ppm for 2 years caused body weight depression and moderate reductions in plasma, erythrocyte, and brain acetylcholinesterase activity. In a similar study with mice, carbofuran in the diet at 500 ppm caused intermittent decreases in body weight; brain acetylcholinesterase activity was depressed at dietary levels of 125 ppm or higher. Carbofuran at 20 ppm in the diet had no effect in either rats or mice (FMC, 1986a). 5 mg/kg/day for mice (FAO/ WHO, 1981).

When first introduced into Australia in 1961 and used without any particular care, carbaryl was responsible for a number of cases of poisoning, but no deaths. Illness involved abdominal pain, vomiting, headache, and blurred vision. Recovery was rapid except in one man who swallowed some formulation while cleaning a vat line. The other overexposed men had become soaked with spray and had not laundered their overalls (New South Wales, 1965). In another episode, men applied 85% water-wettable carbaryl powder as a dust, thinking that it was a 2% dust.

0 8 6 , 0 . 69 mg/kg, maximum inhibition was 6 2 , 7 7 , and 85 %, respectively, and recovery occurred within 4 hr. 69 mg/kg, maximum erythrocyte acetylcholinesterase inhibition was 37% at 45 min, and recovery occurred within 5 hr. Acetylcholinesterase inhibition was better correlated with plasma levels of the metabolite carbofuran than with plasma levels of carbosulfan. Signs of toxicity were generally observed when acetylcholinesterase activity was inhibited by more than 3 5 % , and tremors occurred at inhibition by more than 70% (Renzi and Kreiger, 1986).

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