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Cellular Immunology Labfax is a close compendium of data at the tissues and cells of the immune process, cellphone strains and hybridomas, antigens and receptors, the foremost histocompatibility advanced, soluble immunoregulatory molecules, in vivo systems, vital beneficial properties of species utilized in immunological study, and lots more and plenty more.
The contents of Cellular Immunology Labfax were conscientiously selected to enrich the information awarded in Immunochemistry Labfax. it's consequently the better half quantity to this article

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L. D. G. Fox, eds). Academic Press, New York, Vol. 3. 39. H. and Dabich, L. (1979) in The Laboratory Rat ( H J . R. H. Wiesbroth, eds). Academic Press, New York, Vol. 1. 40. L. (1993) Hematology. Clinical and Laboratory Practice. Mosby, St Louis. 41. A. and Plaut, M. (1993) Adv. Immunol, 53, 1. 42. Kitamura, Y. (1989) Ann. Rev. Immunol, 7,59. TISSUES AND CELLS OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM 31 CHAPTER 3 LEUKOCYTE DEVELOPMENT PJ. M. Lydyard 1. HEMATOPOIESIS Hematopoiesis is initiated in the yolk sac early in fetal development and is then taken over by the liver and spleen, before residing in the bone marrow, where it is retained for the lifetime of the animal (1, 2) {Table 1).

G. g. nonspecific esterase, TdT Can be combined with other markers of cell differentiation (34) Limiting dilution analysis Used to determine precursor frequences at various stages of development (see Chapter 6) Immortalize cells at different developmental stages using hybridoma technology, or establish T-cell clones driven by specific antigen or anti-CD3 Has limitations because some stages of cell differentiation are more amenable to immortalization than others (see Chapter 5) LEUKOCYTE DEVELOPMENT 41 T a b l e 8.

These 'homing molecules' are of several types, including lymphocyte lectins (selectins) and their endothelial oligosaccharide ligands, CD44, Ig superfamily members and integrins. Similar recognition mechanisms facilitate lymphocyte homing to sites of inflammation (23). 4. 1. Lymphocytes Unstimulated lymphocytes show a characteristic round nucleus with coarse chromatin and little cytoplasm (Figure 4a). B and T lymphocytes (Table 3) are not reliably distinguishable by morphology, but can be separated easily by functional studies and surface antigen expression (24).

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