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The root of this type of problem, increasingly common as more and more people tum to inner disciplines and practices is that the general expectations of emotional relationships are widely at variance with the reality of our inner situation. One of the potential weaknesses and damaging aspects of modem psychology is it simply does not address the deeper levels of polarity or spiritual sexuality, and can often work against the true inner nature of the individual undertaking therapy. Such enduring and widespread confusion over the emotions and sexual polarities is one of the true victories of the suppressive long-term programmes seeded into human culture by manipulators of religion, for it destroys our potential for liberation, and amplifies imbalance and antagonism between men and women.

This loving beyond self includes parents, relatives, clan, race, and ultimately all that is. The pupil-teacher relationship should never be that of the kindly father and the developing reciprocating son: if it is on this level it simply cannot work. Some men pass themselves off as teachers or masters to benefit from the emotional pain of their pupils, drawing upon and feeding from the energies oflossand love that have been imbalanced or frustrated in the pupil's childhood or teenage years. This tendency is frequently found in psycho-therapists, New Age or commercial teachers and guides, psychic counsellors, and cult leaders (regardless of the branch of religion that the cult derives from).

In terms of our own consciousness, even when it is beyond the delusion of a rigid 'self', this higher or transpersonal entity, this being, is still male. At the most profound levels of meditation, such sexual identification vanishes, and the essence of Being is known to be bisexual, transcending, yet totally present within all sexuality, all polarity, all time, space, and energy. The further we reach inside ourselves through meditation, the less defined sexual polarity becomes. this seeking will often, in itself, rebalance fragmented and habitual tendencies towards exaggerated stereotypical habits and behaviour.

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