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By Earl Usdin, Richard Kvetnanský, Irwin J. Kopin

Catecholamines and tension covers the court cases of the foreign Symposium on Catecholamines and rigidity, held in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia on July 27-30, 1975.
This publication generally specializes in catecholamines and tension, featuring papers particularly discussing the mind, neurohumoral law in pressure, and alterations brought on via pressure. a suite of papers take on the catecholamine synthesizing and degrading enzymes lower than rigidity. different papers are dedicated to issues on catecholamine synthesis and degradation below pressure; unencumber, point, and excretion of catecholamines in pressure; and catecholamines and rigidity in guy.
This textual content should be beneficial to scholars and specialists in body structure, biology, and comparable fields.

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Differences in motor activity between isolated and grouped animals were calculated at every 10 min period by means of t-test. 05). (Unpublished data of this laboratory) The maximal intensity of motor activity was reached somewhat earlier in isolated than in grouped animals but it was quantitatively the same in both groups (Fig. 7), The results argue against a generally increased CA receptor sensitivity as a result of isolation. Needless to say, the results do not exclude an altered sensitivity of some CA receptors not primarily involved in the regulation of motor activity.

Dr. Kvetnansky s a i d t h a t h i s laboratory had a l s o found the hypothalamic DBH i n - crease a f t e r repeated s t r e s s ; he was not w i l l i n g to s p e c u l a t e as to which hormones were i n v o l v e d . Vl. van Loon wondered i f Dr. Kvetnansky had t r i e d repeated immobilization for 20 min p e r i o d s , but t h i s had not been done. Vu. SkaAman asked i f the temperature of the r a t s had been measured during the immobilization s i n c e he had found i n some of h i s experiments t h a t the a l t e r e d brain chemistry was probably the r e s u l t of decreased body temperatures, rather than the r e s u l t of i m m o b i l i z a t i o n .

Suppl. 247, 36 (1965). 9. , Evidence for a central noradrenergic system that inhibits ACTH secretion, BrainEndocrine Interaction, Karger, Basel, 1972. 10. , Metabolism of catecholamines in cold-exposed rats, J. Neurochem. 16, 1491 (1969). 11. , Increased synthesis of norepinephrine and epinephrine in the intact rat during exercise and exposure to cold, J. Pharmacol. exp. Ther. 153, 440 (1966). 12. , On the catecholamine innervation of the hypothalamus, 13. , Biochemical mapping of with special reference to the median eminence, Brain Res.

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