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By Richard G. Schweiger (Eds.)

content material: Monosulfate esters of L-ascorbic acid / Donald W. Lillard, Jr. and Paul A. Seib --
Glucosinolates and different clearly happening O-sulfates / Anders Kjaer --
Sulfate ester teams as capability informational regulators in glycoproteins / P.W. Kent, C.J. Coles, J.R. Cooper, and N.R. Mian --
reports at the synthesis of sulfur-containing glycolipids ("sulfogylcolipids") / Roy Gigg --
Spectrofluorimetric tools for estimating and learning the interactions of polysaccharides in organic platforms / R.B. Cundall, D. Murray, and G.O. Phillips --
Sulfated glycosaminoglycans bought by way of chemical amendment of polysaccharides / Derek Horton and Taichi Usui --
Heparin derivatives of excessive molecular weight / L. Mester, A. Amit Amaya, and M. Mester --
Enzymatic formation and hydrolysis of polysaccharide sulfates / Kalyan okay. De, Kazuhiko Yamamoto, and Roy L. Whistler --
a few novel tools and leads to the sulfation of polysaccharides / Kenneth B. Guiseley --
Sodium cellulose sulfate through cellulose nitrite / Richard G. Schweiger --
response of starch with the chlorosulfonic acid-formamide reagent / F. Schierbaum and ok. Kördel --
Sulfonic acid and sulfomethyl-containing graft co-polymers of xanthan gum / I.W. Cottrell, J.L. Shim, G.H. top, and R.A. Empey --
Sulfated polysaccharides metabolized by way of the marine chlorophyceae : a overview / Elizabeth Percival --
Sulfated polysaccharides of the rhodophyceae : a assessment / Elizabeth Percival --
Sulfated fucose-containing polysaccharides from brown algae : structural positive aspects and biochemical implications / Darrell G. Medcalf --
Co-ion and counter-ion interactions with sulfonated polysaccharides / Margaret Tomasula, Nancy Swanson, and Paul Ander --
interplay of sulfated polysaccharides with counter-ions / G. go, G.O. Phillips, D.J. Wedlock, and R.G. Morley.

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75/0 © 1978 A m e r i c a n C h e m i c a l Society Sulfur-Containing GiGG Glycolipids CU oH L Ho Y-o ο — CHj. ch004 (\v0 14. c - ÎS/HCO — ΟΙ, HO Me * C CvtO N _ | / o Ho CvuO Ho M V /o CH^ — -o ομ ocoCxsiïhx \ HO^—/° Ν H . ch004 mammalian s u l p h o g l y c o l î p i d s i n t h a t i t c o n t a i n e d 1-0-alky1-2-0a c y l -L,-g 1 y c e r o l i n s t e a d o f c e r a m i d e i n t h e l i p i d m o i e t y . The c o m p l e t e s t r u c t u r e (VI1) was e s t a b l i s h e d ( 2 £ , 2 £ ) f o r s e m i n o l i p i d and t h e compound was l a t e r d e t e c t e d i n r a t b r a i n ( 2 7 , 2 8 ) but was f o u n d t o be a b s e n t f r o m b i r d and f i s h t e s t e s (20) .

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G. and Kjær, A. in "Recent Advances in Phytochemistry", Vol. I, p. 89, Mabry, T. , Alston, R. E. and Runeckles, V. , Appleton-Century-Crofts, New York, Ν. Y. (1968). 28 3. 4. ch002 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. CARBOHYDRATE SULFATES Kjær, A. in "Chemistry in Botanical Classification", Nobel Symposium 25, p. 229, Bendz, G. , Academic Press, New York and London (1974). Kjær, A. in "The Biology and Chemistry of the Cruciferae", p. 207, Vaughan, J. , MacLeod, A. J. and Jones, B. M.

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