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By M. Pfreundschuh, H. Shiku, T. Takahashi, R. Ueda (auth.), Professor Georges Mathé, Professor Franco M. Muggia (eds.)

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2. ) to leukemic myeloblasts (numbered 6160-6206). Variations are wide, but there are blasts (6206, 6196-6201) which never stimulate lymphocytes strongly. 5 n = 10 C Table 1. Reactivity indices (means ± SE) of lymphocytes taken during the early phase of remission « 100 days) and in the late phase (> 100 days) from AML patients given only chemotherapy (CT) or chemoimmunotherapy (CIT) and from healthy controls (C) a ~ S· (1) .... '"'" N' (1) (1) :;0 '"0 w tv Immunotherapy Versus Chemotherapy of Acute Myeloid Leukemia 33 Table 2.

A number of explanations can be envisaged. In our experiments, we showed that the growth rate and the incidence of pulmonary metastases was highest in mice inoculated with the lowest doses (1 x 105 -3 x 104) of 3LL tumor cells; these mice were also characterized by the longest latent periods prior to local tumor appearance. During the latent period, tumor cells may have escaped into the blood vessels and reached the lungs. One could then assume that, when the latent period is longer, the cells reaching the lungs have more time for growth than have cells in mice inoculated with larger numbers of tumor cells.

These results have been recently confirmed by the EORTC Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Group (SCHNEIDER, LANG, and PETIT). In contrast, evaluation of total T-Iymphocyte numbers by the E-rosette assay does not discriminate between these two states [3]. Conclusions Overall, these results point out the complexity involved with investigation of fine modifications of the immune response. Two aspects should be retained: a specific Immune Imbalance in Cancer Patients 45 ABSOLlITE NLtIlER OF A-RFC PER ~ OF BLOOD A-RFC/MM 3 500 ltOO 200 100 Fig.

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