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Almost immediately prior to his forty fourth birthday, John Diamond got a choice from the health care professional who had got rid of a lump from his neck. Having been guaranteed for the former 2 years that this used to be a benign cyst, Diamond used to be instructed that it used to be, actually, cancerous. without notice, this guy who'd until eventually this aspect been one of many world's maximum hypochondriacs, was once really confronted with mortality. And what he observed scared the wits out of him. Out of necessity, he wrote approximately his emotions in his instances column and the reaction was once extraordinary. Mailbag Diamond's tale of lifestyles with, and with no, a lump - the humiliations, the ridiculous bits, the humorous bits, the tearful bits. It's compelling, profound, witty, within the mold of THE DIVING BELL & THE BUTTERFLY.

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So-called incomplete resections (muscularis propria plane) also had a CRM much closer to the tumor and a higher rate of CRM involvement. Other features to note when describing the mesorectum are the anatomical variation between individuals. Some people have very small mesorectums whereas others are quite large. Thus the distance of extramural penetration of a tumor into the mesorectum may have very different implications in different people. The other feature of interest is the variation in shape of the mesorectum.

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