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By F. Hoffmeister (auth.), Prof. Dr. Friedrich Hoffmeister, Prof. Dr. Christian Müller (eds.)

Experimental gerontopsychology makes an attempt to check causal hypotheses approximately previous age-related behavioral adjustments by way of the manipulation of age-differences. An experimental therapy is brought with the aim of equating various age-groups with appreciate to a possibly appropriate functionality. If the therapy leads to an assimilation of the habit of the various age-groups (age­ by-treatment interaction), transformations during this functionality are con­ sidered as causal for the ordinarily saw behavioral range­ ence. If it doesn't lead to an assimilation of the habit of different age-groups (main impression of treatment), range­ ences during this functionality are regarded as inappropriate for the nor­ mally saw behavioral distinction. the various interpretations of age-by-treatment interactions and major results of remedy during this type of examine are moderate provided that the experimental therapy truly leads to an equalization of the age-groups with appreciate to the func­ tion of curiosity. As is proven, this type of sensible equalization can neither be tested nor assumed in lots of circumstances. In such instances, reviews with both age-group can be utilized to enquire hypotheses approximately capability factors for outdated age-related behavioral adjustments, experiences with younger matters having very important merits over experiences with previous matters. A attempt of causal relationships via age-by-treatment interactions is feasible in situations the place the experimental therapy obviously ends up in an equalization of the age teams with admire to the functionality in query. regrettably, the sphere of program for this type of method is very limited.

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He attributed these performance deficits to the consequences of disease processes, such as circulatory insufficiency, rather than to more "psychological" causes, such as attitudinal or motivational differences between groups. It is interesting to note that these data showed that men in the mildly diseased group who were living normal lives and who were in nominally "normal" health showed slowed performance even though they did not exhibit traditional evidence of cerebrovascular impairment. In addition, Speith found that uncontrolled hypertension was related to slowed serial reaction time while medicated hypertension was not.

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