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By Hugh Milne

The 'inside' tale as instructed through a guy who used to be certainly one of Bhagwan's such a lot committed fans, certainly one of his internal circle, and the pinnacle of his own bodyguard.

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When I first tried the meditation that Bhagwan baa given me, I found my mind constantly wandering to other concerns and worries . It was not at all easy. Ev<;rty time I heard the air conditioner go on while I was medit�tifag I thought of my bill going up . How much longer could I afford to stay here , I thought, and howev�r would I support myself if I remained, as I wanted to, for ever? Then my mind would wander off ag�n , to women, or the next meal, or private fantasies. ,, Two days after my darshan and initiation , I met a 'gr�dui{'te' of our London meditation course who had also just come to Bombay for the first time.

He began public speaking in 1964, and in 1966 left the University to become a travelling public speaker. He soon developed a reputation as an orator, and was in those days a fiery advocate of socialism. The Rajneesh Foundation International, which was established in 1975 after more Westerners started coming, claims in its official history that for the next four years, until 1970, Rajneesh travelled India by train and gave public discourses of a highly political nature. Enough Indians flocked to these lectures to keep Rajneesh solvent.

I can still vividly remember every aspect of that meeting, as it was to change my life for ever. Laxmi, then aged about forty, was a tiny birdlike being with enor­ mous eyes and the longest eyelashes I have ever seen. She was a former civil servant who had been instrumental in establishing Bhag­ wan as a leading spiritual teacher. In 1968 she had fallen in love with him, and had served him as a secretary ever since . She sat outside his door, kept his appointment diary, and carefully vetted everybody who wanted to go in.

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