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By Clyde Soles

Backpacker's open air Knots offers readers step by step directions for tying the main necessary knots and hitches, splices and lashings for the outside; information at the most sensible kind of rope and knot for every job to hand; how one can correctly arrange, coil, and retain ropes for sturdiness and reliability. this useful pocket-sized advisor is ninety six pages, contains popouts, and accommodates colour images, charts, and illustrations as wanted through the interior.

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Indd 20 8/30/10 2:38 PM 2. Bring the working end under to form a loop, then tuck it through the loop to form an overhand knot. 3. If you want to have any hope of untying the knot later, be sure to dress it properly so that there are no crossed strands before tightening. indd 21 21 8/30/10 2:38 PM Figure-8 Loop Here is the king of loop knots! The figure-8 loop is, of course, just a slight variation of the overhand loop. But that extra turn makes a huge difference both for security and for ease of untying later.

Other names include: lark’s head and cow hitch. 1. Pass the loop around the object and run the working end through the standing end. indd 44 8/30/10 2:39 PM 2. The girth hitch is strongest when the lines run straight off the anchor point. The girth hitch is commonly used by climbers for connecting two runners (loops of webbing). This isn’t quite as strong as joining them with a locking carabiner, but it is safer than using a single non-locking carabiner. 1. A girth hitch can be used to attach one loop to another.

1. Start by making a loop using the wrist twist but without holding the working end. indd 34 8/30/10 2:38 PM 2. Now add an extra loop. Then proceed to let the rabbit run. 3. This double bowline provides a bit more gripping power on slippery lines but still should be backed up with an overhand if your life depends on it. indd 35 35 8/30/10 2:38 PM Bowline on a Bight There may be times when you need two loops, instead of one, in the middle of a rope. Climbers use the bowline on a bight to clip two anchor points.

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