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By Prof. Dr. Konrad Maurer, Dr. Thomas Dierks (auth.)

From its discovery in 1929 through Hans Berger until eventually the past due Sixties, whilst sensory visible and auditory evoked potentials have been dis­ lined and have become renowned, the EEG was once an important approach to neurophysiological exam. W-ith the arrival of machine expertise within the Nineteen Eighties, it grew to become attainable to devise the capability fields of the EEG onto versions of the scalp. This plot­ ting of data as neuroimages the structural and practical suggestions of Cf, MRI, puppy and SPECf. The luck of this technique, which started within the early Eighties, has resulted in the mind mapping of EEGs and EPs being more and more used for di­ agnosistic reasons in neurology, psychiatry and psychopharma­ cology. The pioneers of this system believed in it and have been devote­ ted to its good fortune. in spite of the fact that, many traditionalists felt that it gave no new details and so appeared the strategy with scepticism. a few discovered either the colored maps and the mapping process deceptive, which resulted in pointless clash among mappers and their chromophobic oponents. feelings have run so excessive that a few specialist our bodies have justifiably followed directions and warned of the misuse of the method.

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Calculation of a t statistic map. Student's t statistic quantifies extent of difference between two sets of measures. taking into account the difference between group means and the variance within each group. (According to Duffy et al. 1979) Set 1 Set 2 Sum + + Individual Maps . + Channel by channel / map2 . + + 7 Calculate Mean and Variance and Make Maps Calculate t- Statistic and Make Map A sophisticated method for the classification of single cases has been developed by John et al. (1977) under the term "neurometrics"; this is discussed further in Chap.

An infrared camera for documentation of one night's sleep). A disadvantage is the slow access time. An improved method is the storage of digitized EEG or EP data on digital audio tapes. In most countries it is required that EEG data be stored for 10 years. This can be done as a paper EEG, as microfilm or in a digitized manner. Magnetic disks eventually become demagnetisized and loose the stored data after some years. disks should theoretically store EEG data forever. When using Winchester drives (non changable hard disks; storage from 10 to around 300 Mbytes), back~up of data must generally be done on streamer (magnetic tape).

A pixel value is treated as the mathematical average of the four nearest electrodes, inversely proportional to the distance from. each. A disadvantage is that maxima and minima of activity are always be located at electrode sites. Other interpolation methods, such as surface spline interpolation (Ashida et al. 1984~ Perrin et al. 1987), exhibit maxima or minima between electrodes and produce smoother maps, however, the computing time required is considerably longer. The example in Fig. 19 shows an interpolation of values between the electrode sites using the four nearest electrodes and calculating about 4000 numbers or data points (pixels).

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