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As in any army operation requiring precise abilities, similar to mountain climbing, a few targeted gear and coaching specific to the challenge needs to be coated. The Marine Corps has followed this education for this very cause. This education allows Marines at the tying of knots, rope structures, mountain climbing / descending vertical and close to vertical landscapes - all whereas in a wrestle surroundings.

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TRANSITION: Now that we have discussed rope terminology, considerations for care and maintenance, coiling of the ropes, mountaineering knots and their strengths are there any questions? If you have none for me, then I have some for you. PRACTICE a. Students will practice proper rope management. (CONC) PROVIDE HELP (CONC) a. The instructors will assist the students when necessary. OPPORTUNITY FOR QUESTIONS (3 Min) 1. QUESTIONS FROM THE CLASS 2. QUESTIONS TO THE CLASS Q. What are the two types of rope coils and in what situation is each used?

F. , reorganize and attempt to re-deploy the rope. THROWING THE ROPE TRANSITION: Are there any questions over throwing the rope? Take a 5 minute break and then get around the rope corral with your sling rope. Now we will discuss mountaineering knots, their uses, and how to tie them. SMO INSTRUCTOR NOTE: Tell the company that you will cover as many knots as time allows. All other knots will be taught by that company's instructor team throughout the core package. 6. (25 Min) MOUNTAINEERING KNOTS.

TERMINAL LEARNING OBJECTIVES. In a summer mountainous environment and given a simulated/actual casualty, evacuate casualties, in accordance with the references. b. ENABLING LEARNING OBJECTIVES. (SML) and (ACC) (1) Without the aid of references, list in writing the general considerations for Casevac procedures, in accordance with the references. (2) Without the aid of references, construct an expedient litter, in accordance with the references. (3) SQUAD: In a summer mountainous environment, and without the aid of references, secure a simulated/actual casualty in a SKED litter, in accordance with the references.

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