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By Gunnar Myrdal

Asian Drama, An Inquiry Into The Poverty of countries Volumes I, II and III (Volumes I, II and III)

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Slavery can constitute a significant part of these savings. No paid workers, no matter how efficient, can compete economically with unpaid workers—slaves" (9-10). The history of capitalism with the global economy, that is, the new phase of capital accumulation and the free unencumbered flow of capital where trade rather than production signal its latest, most "advanced" version, is not only a history of economic development. It is also a history of genocide, slavery, and often deadly working conditions.

Their economic deprivation can therefore only partly be captured by the notion of socioeconomic class, the category usually employed in an analysis of economic welfare. Regardless of numerous variations in terms of who has access to what kind of work at what kind of pay, class represents a universal, across-the-board association with paid work or wage labor. Mothering, or motherwork, on the other hand, generally falls under the umbrella term of "nonwork," a categorization that is mirrored by its generally unpaid status.

Introduction 21 NOTES 1. While I address this issue more fully in the methodology section, here I want to simply state that my "giving voice" to the women does not mean I ignore the uneven power relationship between myself, the middle-class white researcher, and the women who are located on the very margins of society. I also do not claim to "empower" the women, as is often pronounced by feminist researchers who do fieldwork (see Wolf 1996,25-26). 2. I capitalize "Black" but not "white" because it signals more than skin color (with all its associated normative assumptions).

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