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By D. Janz (auth.), Professor Dr. Hans-Hasso Frey, Professor Dr. Dieter Janz (eds.)

Epileptic problems desire therapy for a few years or perhaps for all times, and this makes a radical figuring out of the pharmacokinetics and attainable risks and unwanted side effects of the medication utilized in remedy obligatory. in the course of contemporary many years our wisdom during this box has significantly elevated, now not least a result of improvement of particular and delicate equipment for the choice of anti­ epileptic brokers in organic fabric. The medical pharmacology of this team of gear has been studied broadly and will this day be considered as good verified. this doesn't unavoidably suggest that drug remedy of epilepsy is effortlessly. for instance, it has lately been proven that one of many more recent anti­ epileptic medicines, greeted with nice enthusiasm by means of clinicians, may well in infrequent circumstances result in critical harm to the liver and the pancreas, and turns out even to have a definite teratogenic capability. scientific difficulties can be understood as a problem to the experimental pharmacologist, who should still try and locate reasons for the scientific risks, and, if attainable, express new ways that larger medicinal drugs could be constructed. lately curiosity has all in favour of the significance of the inhibitory transmitter 'l'-aminobutyric acid (GABA) within the pathophysiology of epilepsy, and there were a sequence of makes an attempt to discover precious antiepileptic medicinal drugs between ingredients interfering with GABA metabolism within the CNS.

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These take the form of distorted perceptions in which objects may appear deformed. Polyoptic illusions such as monocular diplopia, distortions of size, macropsia or micropsia, or of distance may occur. Similarly, distortions of sound, including microacusia and macroacusia may be seen. Depersonalization, as if the person were outside his body, may occur. Altered perception of size or weight of a limb may be noted. £) Structured hallucinations. Hallucinations may occur as manifestations or perceptions without a corresponding external stimulus and may affect somatosensory, visual, auditory, olfactory, or gustatory senses.

1976; VOLZKEetal. 1981). An example of the characteristic multispike-wave EEG pattern is shown in Fig. 8, Chap. 2, this volume. From the electroencephalographic point of view the syndrome must be further extended to include pure grand mal epilepsies with subclinical multi spike-wave complexes which are as a rule also awakening epilepsies. The predilection age is between the 14th and 18th years of life with a broad span between the 9th and 27th year (JANZ 1969). Cases in which only jerks occur for decades appear to be rare.

Syndromes of Epilepsy As it has been pointed out (LUND 1980), "during the past 2-3 decades epileptological studies have led to the recognition of a number of syndromes of epilepsy which have gradually become defined on the basis of clinical observation as regards type of seizure, age of onset, electroencephalographic abnormalities and prognosis. These syndromes are to a great extent internationally accepted, and their terminology is used in daily informal communications between colleagues and as diagnostic entries on hospital records.

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