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By Alexander Roob

A fantastical trip throughout the pictorial international of alchemy and mysticism, the Cabbala and magic, freemasons and Rosicrusians. This specific collection of illustrations with commentaries and resource texts courses us on a desirable trip in the course of the representations of the key arts.

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Crown 2. Wisdom 3. Prudence 4. Clemency 5. Power 6. Grace 7. Triumph 8. Honour ( Fame) g. Redemption 10. Kingdom. Sephardi Bible, 1385 Illustrating the magical meaning ofthe word in Hebrew, Gershom Scholem R. Fludd, Philosophia Sacra, Frankfurt, 1626 100 MACROCOSM: Genesis MACROCOSM: Genesis 101 Genesis Genesis Three symbols of the Trinity Yod as the crown (Kether) represents the hidden, original essence of God, En-Sof, is called the Infinite_ He is the higher palace God's magnificent throneworld, Vau, is that which connects, the angelic world of forms.

Harmonices Mundll A. Kircher, Musurgia universalis, Rome, 1650 The harmonic symbolism of antiquity by Albert Freiherr v. Thimus (1806-1878) is a large· scale attempt to reconstruct the Pythagorean foundations of music from Neoplatonic sources, and to establish harmonics as an autonomous science. He based his work on the untenable hypothe. sis that the Pythagorean concept of the world was based on the Cabalistic book of creation. The Sefer Yezirah is about the ten primal numbers, the Sephiroth, which he linked in the upper part of the diagram to the planetary orbits.

The dragon is philo· sophical quick· silver (Mercury). cae of the Leiden chemistry professor J . e. Barchusen. He had them engraved from an old manuscript "to do a great favour to the adepts of gold-making". He was of the opinion that they described the pro­ duction of the Phi losopher's Stone " not only in better order, but also with a more correct emphasis" than anything else that he had seen hitherto. I n order to attain the lapis, the a lchemist had to make a funda­ mental decision on which path to fol low: a short " dry" path, i n which the separation of the matter took place under the influence of exter­ 2.

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