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By H.A. Abbass (auth.), Markus Stumptner, Dan Corbett, Mike Brooks (eds.)

This booklet constitutes the refereed court cases of the 14th Australian Joint convention on synthetic Intelligence, AI 2001, held in Adelaide, Australia, in December 2001.
The fifty five revised complete papers offered including one invited contribution have been rigorously reviewed and chosen from a complete of a hundred submissions. The papers hide the complete variety of man-made intelligence from theoretical and foundational concerns to complex functions in quite a few fields.

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The ApproximateCost function finds an approximate cost that is always equal to or less than the real cost of the partially explored solution. The reason for using an approximate cost function (instead of finding the real cost) is that until all relations are atomic it is very costly to find an absolute cost (as finding every inconsistency at this point would require a separate NP-Hard search and an additional search to find the best cost). To calculate the approximate cost we first determine a lower bound of the number of inconsistent triples.

M. Vilain and H. Kautz. Constraint propagation algorithms for temporal reasoning. In Proceedings of the 5th National Conference in Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-86), pages 377–382, Philadelphia, PA, 1986. How the Level of Interchangeability Embedded in a Finite Constraint Satisfaction Problem Affects the Performance of Search Amy M. Beckwith, Berthe Y. edu Abstract. We investigate how the performance of search for solving finite constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) is affected by the level of interchangeability embedded in the problem.

T o w ards a De c larat iv e Language f o r Ne go t iat ing Ex e c ut able C o nt rac t s, Proceedings of the AAAI-99 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Electronic Commerce (AIEC-99), A A A I Pre ss / M I T Pre ss, 1 9 9 9 . R. Re it e r. A Lo gic f o r De f ault Re aso ning. Artificial Intelligence 1 3( 1 9 80 ) : 81 –1 32 . D. D. T o ure t z ky, J . F. H o rt y and R. H . T ho maso n. 1 9 87 . A C lash o f I nt uit io ns: T he C urre nt S t at e o f No nmo no t o nic M ult iple I nhe rit anc e S yst e ms.

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