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Stevens et al. (1948a) showed that the full color value of mustard treated insulin was regained on extraction with sodium dodecylsulfate during which no combined mustard was released. These workers concluded that no reaction had occurred between tyrosine and mustard gas and that the fall in color value was due to an indirect change. Another possible reaction site in proteins is the thioether group from methionine. NHz c1- LOOH This compound retains the capacity to alkylate since the sulfonium complex can give rise to a carbonium ion like the original mustard gas.

The affinity of the nucleic acid for protamine was not greatly decreased after reaction with monofunctional compounds during which up to 40% of the phosphate groups had been esterified, whereas a similar reaction with polyfunctional compounds produced a very substantial reduction. I n Table I11 results for four pairs of mono- and polyfunctional compounds are shown in which the degree of esterification was approximately the same. All these polyfunctional substances produce typical " radiomimetic " effects, whereas the monofunctional show no activity in the intact animal.

Watkins and Wormall’s (1952) studies of complement in activation by HN2 while not excluding the reaction with carboxyl groups, indicate that a reaction with another center in the protein also occurs. No experiments have been carried out from which any valid deduction can be drawn concerning the reaction of carboxyl groups with nitrogen mustards; however, the available evidence shows that nitrogen mustards differ significantly from sulfur mustard in that they react with e-amino groups of protein.

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