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By D. M. Aviado, M. S. Micozzi (auth.), Professor Dr. Lászlo Szekeres (eds.)

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This uptake can be as much as 40% during a single pulmonary circulation of blood containing norepinephrine (JUNOD, 1975 a). M. S. MICOZZI Compared to almost complete uptake of serotonin, or 5-hydroxytryptamine, JUNOD (1975b) concluded that the limited uptake of norepinephrine justifies some skepticism about the importance of this process. The above-mentioned study on man questions the importance of pulmonary endothelium as the primary storage site of norepinephrine extracted from blood. Uncertainty over the fate of norepinephrine in the lung, together with the fact that epinephrine is not significantly retained in the lung (VANE, 1969), strengthens the hypothesis that epinephrine is more likely than norepinephrine to be the pulmonary neurohumoral transmitter.

Since animal experimentation could not reproduce pulmonary hypertension induced by aminorex, and since its commercial distribution has been suspended, a causal relationship in unlikely to be examined by additional experimentation. , 1976). The mechanism involved in the accumulation of phospholipid is not known, and is unlikely to be of increasing interest since the disease has not been reported to occur in patients undergoing therapy with anorexigenics. G. Adrenergic Alpha-Receptor Blocking Agents Agents that block adrenergic IX-receptors have several pharmacologic actions.

MICOZZI II. 3 (BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM, 1975) (BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM, 1975) Metaproterenol was first synthesized by ENGELHARDT et al. (1961) with bronchodilator activity approximately four to five times less than that of isoproterenol but longer in duration. The antiasthmatic action can be elicited by oral administration and inhalation. SCHWITTER et al. (1975) reported the superiority of aerosol inhalation of metaproterenol as compared to the oral route. Vasodilation of the pulmonary blood vessels in man has been demonstrated by catheterization studies.

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