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Thus to the earliest stratum must be assigned chh. 3-15 (the Enoch-Metatron piece 3), whereas it is, at least, not later 1 The original part of this fragment strikes an early note than the Enoch-Metatron fragment of 3 En. 3-15. Unfortunately the text of all MS. sources of the fragment is in a bad state. This fragment has traces of the Primordial Man conception of Metatron as the Ruler of the World and does not contain the Enos-episode of 3 En. 5. 2 Cf. Louis Ginzberg, Geonica II, Geniza Studies, New York, 1909, pp.

Yuhasin, ed. Filipowsky, p. 84. ORIGIN AND DATE OF COMPOSITION 29 in question. His contention is firstly, that the mystical writings real kernel of the mysticism under consideration, the is Si'ur Qoma the 'gross anthropomorphism' of this writing cannot secondly, that in Judaism, and must hence be derived from possibly have originated Islam, where especially the sect 'Mughassima' and men such as ' 1 Mughira ibn Said Alighi held anthropomorphic views of the Deity. ace. to which the Jews were The notice preserved by Maqrizi, divided into Karaites, wholly repudiating anthropomorphism (by ' Maqrizi called Ananites after Anan), Rabbanites, accepting a milder form of picturing God after the manner of man, and Galutiya who went farther than the Rabbanites, is therefore ace.

Enoch-Metatron piece, chh. 3-16 (together with an additional fragment on the Ascension of Moses, ch. 15 B). A section on Angelology, chh. 17-22, 25~28 6 The section . presents three different angelological systems, viz. (ch. 17), A3 (ch. 18) and A i (chh. 19-22, 25~28 6 ). below on the Angelology of 3 Enoch. section on the Judgment, chh. 28 7-33 2 (4) A (5) The . Celestial e Q dussa, chh. 35, 36, 38-40. 2-2 A2 Cf. 20 INTRODUCTION (6) The 'by-work' (7) Metatron shows R. Ishmael various wonders of the heavens,.

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