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By Iosif I. Androulidakis

This publication starts with an creation to PBXs (Private department Exchanges) and the scene, facts and concerned actors. It discusses confidentiality, integrity and availability threats in PBXs. the writer examines the threats and the technical heritage in addition to protection and forensics concerning PBXs. the aim of this ebook is to elevate consumer understanding with reference to safety and privateness threats found in PBXs, aiding either clients and directors guard their platforms. the hot version contains a significant replace and extension to the VoIP sections as well as updates to forensics.

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Practically, they are asking the name and if the called party accepts the charge. They are also informing him that the cost will be so and so. What intruders do is prerecord all this information in a hacked mail box, as if a living person was replying in the questions of the operator. So a typical recorded message would be “(silence for 5 seconds)… Yes this is me (silence for 10 seconds) Oh, yes I was waiting his call, please connect him through (silence for 10 seconds) yes I realize that I will be charged for the call.

We will try to give an overview in the following paragraphs. There is extreme complexity of features and openness and modularity in independent implementations and products comes with its own vulnerabilities. Therefore, developers overwhelmed by the complexity of protocols might ignore details that are crucial for the security of the protocol exchange. Implementation faults and bugs are manifesting with empty, malformed, or large volumes of signaling messages. At the same time, protocol responses to carefully crafted messages can reveal information about the system or its users to an attacker.

In these attacks the fraudster can reuse another party’s credentials to obtain unauthorized access to the services. Technically, VoIP systems can particularly be abused to spoof the caller ID. This is possible both because of the more decentralized and free nature of Internet (compared to Telephony networks) and because of the lack of cross-checking of information across several messages during call setup and throughout the session. As is the case with traditional PBXs, undocumented commands and features left enabled by default are a serious cause of problems.

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