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By Alejandro Jodorowsky

Image Novel written through Alejandro Jodorowsky, illustrated through Georges Bess and released through Humanoid.

Jodorowsky joins artist Georges Bess to inform a story of martial arts, mystical event and non secular awakening. whilst the Grand Lama dies, corruption spreads around the land. Gabriel, the kid of white explorers and reincarnation of the Grand Lama, needs to research the sacred how you can fend off an outstanding evil.

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His testicles are typically oval shaped and his Lingam is ten fingerbreadths long. 4. The Hastini or Elephant Lady is the solid woman. She is a good mother like the elephant and is dominant like a matron. Though bad tempered, she is also loyal, affectionate and very kind. She is quite greedy, always hungry for lovemaking and very hard to satisfy, and she likes it rough or even a little violent. Her body is heavy and plump all over and her hips form a tract downwards, exactly like the elephant. Her head is rather big with a forehead not unlike that of an Ox Man, (but of course resembling the elephant) and like him her upper body is heavier than her lower body.

The Sushumna is the only vertical meridian in the body–all the other meridians are horisontal and are ruled, on the left side, by Ida and on the right side by Pingala, which, in turn, are both ruled by Sushumna. Ida and Pingala extend only to Aghya Chakra but Sushumna goes straight from the perineum to the pineal. At the time immediately before the ascent of the Kundalini Shakti, Ida and Pingala have become harmonised and then passive and the Sushuma has become active. The Kundalini is coiled up three and a half times like a snake in the Muladhara Chakra (earth) by the mouth of the Sushumna and when it awakens it will rise like a cobra and enter the mouth of the Sushumna and then ascend through all the Chakras–Svadhisthana (water), Manipura (fire), Anahata (air), Vishuddha (ether) and Aghya (mind–also called the 17 Soham Hamsa “Third Eye”)–up to the final Chakra in the head, the Sahasrara (spiritual), and thus the union of Shakti with Shiva will occur and Realization will be the final result.

Vedanta is the summit of Indian philosophy. It says that everywhere and in everything in this Creation there is Pure Consciousness or Atman or Brahman but it is accompanied by ignorance, which is called Maya. All the individual life forms see only diversity instead of unity or ‘unity in diversity’ and this overwhelming ‘seemingness’ (appearance) or illusion is called Maya. Maya is mainly of two kinds: Avidyamaya or ignorance and Vidyamaya or knowledge. So, to get rid of Avidyamaya one has to take the help of Vidyamaya and she will take you all the way to Vedanta at the brink of Realization, because Realization is yours only–none can teach it to you or give it to you–only you yourself can realize your Self or Atman.

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