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This publication explains the idea that of serological tools utilized in laboratory diagnoses of definite micro organism, mycoplasmas, viruses in people, animals and crops, sure parasitic brokers in addition to autoimmune illness. The authors current updated details about the serological equipment in laboratory prognosis of such infectious ailments. part one bargains with the serological equipment for micro organism. part 2 bargains with serological equipment in human, animal and plant viruses. part three is worried with the serological laboratory analysis of echinococcus and human toxocariasis brokers. The final part bargains with serological laboratory equipment within the analysis of coeliac illness.

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Enterovirus 71 positive fatal (n = 4) cases and non fatal controls (n = 63) were also compared. Of the 131 non fatal cases three had concomitant infections 36 Serological Diagnosis of Certain Human, Animal and Plant Diseases with virus bronchiolitis, right-side pneumonia (respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis, right-sided pneumonia, Haemophilus influenza type B meningitis ), 2 had aseptic meningitis and l had transient drowsiness (Chong, 2003). Since June 2006 till September 2009 in Europe -in eastern region of Slovakia 295 children have been examined because of unknown exanthemas.

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