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By Kenneth Keathley

In Salvation and Sovereignty, Kenneth Keathley asks, “What shall a Christian do who's confident of yes imperative tenets of Calvinism yet now not its corollaries?” He then writes, “I see salvation as a sovereign paintings of grace yet suspect that the standard Calvinist knowing of sovereignty (that God is the reason for all issues) isn't really sustained through the biblical witness as a whole.”

Aiming to solve this topic, the writer argues that simply 3 of Calvinism’s 5 TULIP issues could be defended scripturally and in its place builds at the ROSES acronym first awarded by way of Timothy George (Radical depravity, Overcoming grace, Sovereign election, everlasting existence, Singular redemption). In relation, Keathley appears to be like at salvation and sovereignty throughout the lens of Molinism, a doctrine named after Luis Molina (1535-1600) that's in accordance with a powerful thought of God’s keep watch over and an both enterprise confirmation of human freedom.

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So I look forward to this cooperative effort, convinced that the end result will be that we are better and more faithful witnesses of our common salvation. Calvinism and Molinism are much more similar than they are dissimilar, so I endeavor to avoid what might be called the narcissism of trivial differences. A Word about Getting Lost in the Theological Minutiae There are places in this book where precise definitions and nuanced arguments become necessary. I’m sorry about that. Namely, this work contends that (contrary to the teachings of many in Reformed circles) God’s sovereignty cannot be understood in terms of necessity, nor can human actions be defined in terms of causal determinism.

There is a concern that the discussion of details can appear cold. Sometimes the use of precise argumentation can seem to be a detached fixation on minutiae. However, like a mother reading the fine print concerning the medicine she is about to give her sick child or a man studying the schematics for a house he is building for his family, the focus on the details can also be an act of devotion. That is my intent. God loved me while I was a stranger, and Christ died for me when I was His enemy. This is a work of “faith seeking understanding” and is written in the spirit of P.

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