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By Juan Carlos Ubilluz

Sacred Eroticism addresses a ignored bankruptcy in Latin American literature, particularly, the impression of Georges Bataille and Pierre Klossowski's atheist mysticism within the Latin American erotic novel of the 20 th century.

Combining a Lacanian analytical framework with an (Inter)textualist technique. Juan Carlos Ubilluz finds how Julio Cortazar, Salvador Elizondo, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Juan Garcia Ponce followed Sataille and Klossowski's aesthetic and philosophical versions as some extent of departure to rearticulate the fashionable subject's buried size of the sacred via a number of options at the erotic novel's shape. Ubilluz examines the dialectical irruption of those literary experiments into their specific aesthetic, theoretical, and political contexts; displaying, for example, that Cortazar's

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Yet, his view on transgression differs somewhat from that of the theorists discussed above. As Starr explains, ‘‘For Barthes, as for Sollers and Kristeva, it was ‘literature’ or ‘fiction’ that best disclosed a play of transgression capable of thwarting the repetitive dynamic inherent to the act of political negation (Verneinung). Yet Barthes was reluctant to follow Derrida, Kristeva, Sollers—and indeed a certain Bataille—in insisting on the capacity of the transgressive act to displace historically defined cultural limits’’ (1995, 134–35).

Through the interplay of the gaze and the object, Acteon and Diana transgress their identities as mortal and virgin god- ................. 11560$ INTR 01-25-06 08:23:42 PS PAGE 44 45 INTRODUCTION dess respectively and become the radiant figures of the simulacrum. Rather than the spectacle of the postindustrial era described by Guy Debord (Hollywood films, TV shows, amusement parks), the simulacrum, for Klossowski, is a symbolic fiction that produces an effect on the Real by actualizing the drives that exceed a given reality.

Coming now to the ‘‘New’’ Continent, Latin American writers enter the space of Klossowskian aesthetics through the erotic door of the laws of hospitality. During the seventies and eighties, for example, Garcı´a Ponce’s narrative could be bluntly described as a rewriting of Klossowski’s simulacrum. In ‘‘El gato’’ [The Cat] (1972) and the novel of the same title (1974), he introduces a cat as a voyeuristic guest that irrigates with its otherly gaze a couple’s sexual life. Then, in Unio´n [Union] (1974), he insinuates this simulacrum as Nicole commits a series of infidelities with her husband’s tacit permission.

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