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By Tarthang Tulku

Self-imposed barriers and layers of conditioning restrict our wisdom of freedom, of therapeutic, and of awakening.

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Large-sca l e pyra m i d s, tem p l es, and i rr i ga t i o n n e two rks that req u i red p l an n i n g and co­ opera t i o n were b u i l t . N ew m et a l o res and a l l oys were d i scovered a n d fash io n ed i n to fi ner weapo n s , orna­ m e n ts, a n d too l s . M o re freq u e n t a n d varied soci a l i n terac t i o n s af­ fected t h e deve l o p m e n t of l a ngu age. Even t u a l l y writ­ ten records were kept, scratc h ed fi rst o n c l ay tokens, bones, o r wood, then u po n t a b l ets, a n d l a te r written with i n k on l eaves, bark, or paper made from p l a n ts.

O n e Tim e to Change 13 i nven t i o n fo l l owed a n o t h e r i n rapid s u ccess i o n : t h e steam e n g i n e , t h e t h resh i n g m a c h i n e , t h e cotton g i n , a n d t h e early telegraph; t h e cy l i n d e r p r i n t i n g p ress, t h e e l ectro m a g n e t i c motor, t h e reap i n g m a c h i n e , a n d t h e telephone. Soon t h e d i scovery of cel l s, bacteria, a n d x- rays c h a n ged t h e world of m ed i c i n e . I n t h i s c e n tu ry, q u a nt u m t h eo ry, re l at i v i ty t h eo ry, and the s p l i t t i n g of t h e atom h ave opened a n ew e ra of n u c l ea r tec h n o l ogy and revo l u t i o n i zed o u r concepts o f t i m e and space.

We a re t rave l i n g so q u i c k ly that we h ave n o t i m e to Tim e to Cha nge 37 consider whet h e r we m i g h t be l o s i n g va l u a b l e aspects of o u r past; we h ave no ti m e to q u esti o n if w h a t we a re carry i n g i n t o t h e f u t u re has e n d u r i n g va l u e. Earl i e r in th i s cen t u ry, s h a red va l u es provided m o re sta b i l ity. M a n y peo p l e spent th e i r e n t i re l i ves a m o n g n e i g h bors t h ey h a d k n own s i n ce c h i l d hood .

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