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This publication summarizes the current wisdom approximately skeletal muscle fibres. As an advent the theoretical history of constitution, contraction mechanism and improvement of muscle fibres is almost immediately defined to appreciate the explicit difficulties of alternative fibre forms. the purpose of the booklet is to signify muscle fibre forms from various issues of view as we see it this present day. The intermingling of other class platforms has result in a few confusion within the literature approximately muscle fibre forms. within the current ebook an outline approximately muscle fibre kinds is given, contemplating effects from literature and personal effects. For the 1st time the metabolic fibre typing with cytophotometry has been played. The cytophotometry as a device in fibre typing is defined intimately for functional use. furthermore, the metabolism and the adaptibility of a given fibre variety less than altering physiological and pathological stipulations has been studied. ultimately, the bizarre muscle fibre kinds of extraocular muscle tissue has been defined. This publication addresses researchers, physicians and scholars who're yet no longer really good in myology and who could be happy to learn in simple terms a hundred pages rather than millions of them.

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2 ..... ;·······~ o ··· . O 0 : &r--T-~---r--r-~--,r--r--T~~ a 2909 6000 0000 area SOL. transuersal axes. FOG fibres SDH (mean abs . ) . ---~--~----~--~----~--. . , ....... ) ... ). . f r . 85 1............ ;.. ,, . 1 ......... , , , •............ , .. ~ .... ,r········ ~ 91+-- - ; . ,-- - , - - - - - , - - - - - - 1 "'1999 ZOOO 3990 area. b SOL. transuersal axes. ) . --:-~--:-___:_~--:---,----:-__:_---:-____:_-. t····i ..... ; ..... ( ... j..... j... 'r ,? f . EU9 : !.. 002 ..... ~. • , ,.

002 ..... ~. • , ,. "1" .... ":' .... . ~ ~ . . 2 ..... , ... ~ . ~ ~ ~ ~ j . 1 . . . 1 . . . . . . . \0 •••• 1 . . . ' •• ·· . Z ........................ ~ ....... () . 0 )· .... : .... -,~d 3099 4999 5000 6009 7909 8900 9009 area Fig. 14. ) of the final reaction product and fibre cross area (area) along the transversal axes in soleus muscle (SOL). Changes in all fibre types together (a), and in the separate fibre type SO (b), FOG (c), and FG (d) were correlated. Fibre types: SO, slow-oxidative; FOG, fast-oxidative glycolytic; FG, fast-glycolytic; r, correlation coefficient; p, probability of error 36 Fibre cross areas a long transversal axes of EDL Fig 15.

3) that one part of FOG fibres (FOG I or FOG II, depending on the muscle) and SO fibres have the same SDH activity; they cannot be distinguished from each other by SDH activity alone. Consequently, age-dependent changes in SDH activity are the same in SO fibres and in the overlapping part of FOG fibres. Only the GPDH/SDH-activity quotient makes the differentiation of SO, FOG I and FOG II fibres possible. >9~"""-_ _ __ ____ _ GPOH 56 d 0,2 ~~------------------------- o o I 50 J -r---T 100 '-"-T l I 150 , SOH 1 , 200 250 days (d) Fig.

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