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By R. K. Robinson, A. Y. Tamime

Feta cheese has turn into well known lately as a part of a vast shopper call for for ethnic meals that are appeared to be typical, healthy, and attractive. at the present time Feta cheese is instantly to be had within the cheese portion of so much nutrients shops.
This ebook offers an in depth consultant to Feta and different white brined cheese: uncooked fabrics, methods, manufacture, apparatus, and packaging. either conventional and smooth business equipment are coated. standards, chemistry, microbiology and sensory concerns also are tested. The booklet is definitely illustrated with circulate charts, diagrams, images and microphotographs. wide technical reference info is supplied within the many tables. The authors are all experts in cheese and different dairy items. it is a simple advisor and reference for dairy product and different nutrients product group of workers excited about product improvement and processing. Copies at the moment are to be had for recommended supply. An order shape follows the designated desk of contents at the opposite.

From the Preface
White brined cheeses are the most types of cheese fed on within the heart East and alongside the shorelines of the Mediterranean, and but the literature describing the manufacture and/or houses of the main kinds is very sparse. the purpose of this publication is to supply an in depth consultant to the cheeses during this type, and to check the to be had details in relation to their construction, their maturation and their distribution to the patron. more often than not, the cheese are nonetheless produced on a small scale, and just one style, Feta, has completed actual acceptance outdoors its land of beginning. one of many purposes for this unmarried good fortune is the measure of mechanization which could now be hired within the manufacture of Feta, together with the most recent technological advancements equivalent to ultra-filtration.

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When pasteurized milk is used for cheesemaking, lactic acid starters are added, and it is then left at 32-34°C for 15-30 min. Calcium chloride is added thereafter, as well as rennet in such a quantity as to clot the milk and give a curd ready for cutting after 50min. In cases of milk with high acidity or in too hot weather, lower temperatures of coagulation are preferred. On the other hand, when the milk is too fresh or the weather is cold, the coagulation temperatures should be higher. Generally speaking, milk coagulation at low temperatures, lower then 30°C, leads to a softer cheese, which is easily crumbled during salting and packaging and also has a high moisture content.

Instead, the moulds are put onto a belt which moves automatically and brings them to be filled, one by one, under the special exit of the cheese vat. After filling, the moulds remain for two hours on the moving belt, and are then placed on draining tables for four more hours to complete draining. The curd is then automatically turned over in the moulds, cut, and salted with very clean granular salt - recrystallized so as not to leave impurities on the cheese surface. The next morning, the cheese is placed in barrels.

Sheep's and goat's milk is seasonal. As the lactation period of the animals lasts only 4-6 months and births are mainly concentrated in the autumn, most of the milk is produced from December to June (see Fig. 1); of the 1038 dairy companies in the country, 656 are seasonal, basing their function exclusively on sheep's and goat's milk. 5 Based on: Scott (1981). ;::; 16 - ~ U :J "C 0 n. CllrlI_ t- o t- J F M A M J J A s o N D Months Fig. 1 - Monthly distribution of the annual sheep's milk (solid bars) and goat's milk (open bars) production of Greece (percentage of total milk production).

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