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By Lorrie Fair, Mark Gola

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39 Dribbling It’s Fair to say . . The purpose of a feint is to get the defender to “bite” to one side and then explode past her in the opposite direction. It’s difficult to be explosive if you’re standing straight up. Most likely, your first movement will be to crouch down and then go. Think about sprinters taking off for a race. Their starting position is on the ground, which allows them to burst upward and accelerate to full speed as quickly as possible. It’s no different with a soccer ball at your feet.

That said, at times, dribbling is a very effective method of moving the ball and creating opportunities. Always remember that when the ball is at your feet, you possess what everyone else wants. The opposition is forced to pay attention to you, and you can use that possession—that bargaining power—to your advantage. And if they don’t want to pay attention to you, keep the ball at your feet and make them pay. Dribbling is something you can use anywhere on the field. Use it to chew up space, get out of tight spaces, create space for yourself, Dribbling create space for a pass or shot, or to challenge a defender one on one.

Either slow down the pace of your pass, or lead your teammate less. Every artificial turf is unique, so use your time in warm-ups wisely. See how the ball reacts when bending or putting spin on the ball. Take shots on goal and watch to see if the ball skips and takes off on the goalkeeper. If the surface is a little wet, I’ll hit shots that shorthop the goalie because they ’re much more difficult to handle. The ball may skip past her or rebound off her for a scoring chance. The rules of soccer have generally stayed the same since the game’s inception.

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