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By H. E. Kaiser (auth.), Arthur S. Levine (eds.)

This quantity reports our present wisdom referring to can­ a number of chapters speak about the contributions of genetic asp­ cer development and development because it pertains to the etiology of ects, metabolism, endocrine-related elements and nutrients to human melanoma. As emphasised in Volumes I-V of this sequence, melanoma development. furthermore, our present wisdom con­ neoplastic illnesses are multistep maladies. there are numerous cerning urbanization components, radiation, therapy-induced motives for the looks of neoplastic ailments. past neoplasms, environmentally triggered neoplasms (e. g. , chapters within the sequence have reviewed molecular and mobile mesotheliomas prompted by way of asbestos) and malignant neo­ points of tumor initiation, advertising and development to plasms in organ transplant recipients are summarized. the invasive and metastatic phenotype. Contributions to the The effect of AIDS on neoplasm improvement is re­ initiation and development of neoplastic illnesses are made through considered from an epidemiologic point of view that explores mul­ traditional gains of our surroundings and via its contaminants tiple elements of immunity, infectious illness, sexual habit and via dietary components. Neoplastic ailments convey a dis­ and blood transfusion. different chapters examine the in­ tinct courting to a number of environmental stimuli and fluence of the host immune reaction in oncogenesis and the to illnesses of a non-neoplastic nature. for instance, familial dating among atherosclerotic plaques and tumors.

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Our hypothesis is based on the assumption that genes in 8q24 are effectively repressed and silent. Such Ig genes could be expressed only when liberated from local repressive control by transposition to other chromosomes. In BL this mechanism would be expressed in the characteristic t(8;14), t(2;8) and t(8;22) translocations. Since the Ig genes at 8q24 are silent they could be highly mutant and also not selected for cellular adaptability. If the mutant genes on 8q24 are translocated they may become expressed and quasi-Ig gene products which are quantitatively and qualitatively unusual for the lymphoid cell could be synthesized.

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Adult tumors derived from neurons Neuroepithelioma The small, blue, round cell tumors which occur during childhood and the first decades of life, a group to which several of the above-mentioned tumors belong, has long been recognized as a diagnostically troublesome group of tumors. Although not frequently distinguished from neuroblastoma, neuroepithelioma is a tumor whose clinical presentation and biologic features qualify it as a most enigmatic yet important member of this group of tumors. Also called peripheral neuroblastoma or adult neuroblastoma, Figure 5.

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